Davenport Expands Music Curriculum

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Three CAC Professors Secure Competitive Lecturer Positions

CAC celebrates having three of their current lecturers win competitive lecturer contracts.

Dr. Jennifer Myers — Film Studies (AMC)

Myers was originally hired at UWT in the Winter of 2013. She has taught courses in Media Genres, Great Directors and Introduction to Film Studies during her time at UWT and has created a course on campus called “World Film” (T FILM 387, 388) which examines major cinematic movements, trends and individual works between 1927 and 2000.

In Spring 2015, Myers was hired as a Full Time Lecturer after a competitive interview process. She will continue her job teaching and in service of the university.

In her free time she escapes to the great outdoors, skiing, fly fishing and hiking. She is a frequent flier to Oregon where she spends time with her family. Her mother suffers from acute Rheumatoid Arthritis and her niece is severely Autistic, so Myers spends as much time as she can caring for and loving them.

Carbon Challenge Tests Student Resolve

In case you missed the possible grumblings of the many carnivores of UWT transitioning to vegetarian or vegan diets this past Fall quarter, many staff, students, and faculty have since completed the Carbon Challenge, a grant receiving project as a part of UW’s Green Seed Fund.

Students, staff, faculty and even the president of the University of Washington Ana Mari Cauce herself pledged to make a change after receiving the challenge.

Since Autumn of 2014, Dr. Ellen Moore (Communication) has challenged the students in her Contemporary Environmental Issues in Media course to lose 5,000 pounds...of carbon. Moore was inspired after participating in a variant of the challenge in 2014 in competition with her fellow commissioners of the Sustainable Tacoma Commission –– “Tacoma’s Biggest Loser” –– in which she “lost” the most carbon and was crowned the winner.

CAC Students Speak Up, Saying, “No,” to Methanol Plant

A $3.4 million proposed methanol plant at the Port of Tacoma has sparked outrage and controversy in the local community.

Northwest Innovation Works (NWIW) proposed the construction of the plant, and if passed, construction will start as soon as 2017 and begin operating in 2020. Community members are concerned about the negative health and environmental factors that come along with building, and operating the plant.

Brendan Resnikoff, a senior in American Studies, believes that this poses a great risk to Tacoma and it should be evaluated based on the risk to human health, rather than the economic impact.

Tacoma community members have persistently attended hearings, and voiced their opposition to the plant.

Matt Kish: Moby-Dick in Pictures

In March, the CAC welcomed self-made artist Matt Kish to campus.

Kish talked with students and faculty about his book, Moby-Dick in Pictures: One Drawing for Every Page. What started for Kish as simple desire for a fresh, creative outlet quickly gained a following.

Kish currently works as a librarian, but never attend art school. He has always had a strong interest in art and has been published in several collaborative illustration projects. However, feeling a lack of creativity in his life, he decided embark on a new endeavor. His mission: create one picture for every page of a book that had inspired him throughout his life—Moby-Dick.

Dia de los Muertos with UWT & TAM

Every November the Tacoma Art Museum holds a Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos free community festival and for the fifth year in a row UWT’s Hispanic studies professors and students joined in.                      

The Day of the Dead is a time of year when the two worlds–the world of the living and the world of the dead are close enough where spirits can come back to this world and have some type of communion with them. 

“It’s important to note that not everyone believes and celebrates it the same way, but the idea is to remember family members that have died,” said Hispanic Studies professor Augustus Machine. 

This year’s 11th annual festival included “a Calavera costume contest, traditional foods, and outdoor memorials.” Community members can also set up altars remembering their lost family members, or celebrate the holiday with a themed altar. 

Arts Alive at UWT

CAC hosted several events at UWT recently that united students and invigorated the campus community.

 Bread and Puppet Theater

Last October, the Bread and Puppet Theater paid a visit to UWT. The theater is well known for performing shows that exhibit social relevant storytelling through puppetry, street and community theater, and song. The politically radical theater is based in Glover, Vermont, but tours all over the world.

CAC faculty members Beverly Naidus (Arts, Media, Culture) and Michael Kula (Writing Studies) helped organize and facilitate the visit to campus, where the group performed their Vietnam War era protest piece: Fire.

Art Students Featured at Museum of Glass

This past March, a group of students came together to build a sculpture overlooking the Thea Foss Waterway. The project, inspired by the book The Boys in the Boat, was installed at the Museum of Glass as part of the Pierce County Library’s Pierce County READS program.

The art piece, created as part of T ARTS 367 Objects and Art taught by AMC Senior Lecturer Tyler Budge, is a tribute not only to the book, but to the “boys” who hailed from University of Washington and went on to win the gold medal at the 1936 Olympics in the rowing competition against Nazi Germany.

Budge was contacted by the UW Library and asked if he would like to be a part of the presentation. He said if his class could be a part of it, then he would most definitely be willing to create a piece to commemorate the book and the story behind it. Once the decision was made, Budge tossed his syllabus aside and his class and he began the process of creating their masterpiece.

La Fountain Addresses The Drag of Poverty

In April, nationally recognized scholar Larry La Fountain presented to faculty, staff, students and Tacoma community members his work entitled “The Drag of Poverty: Erika Lopez, Holly Woodlawn, Monica Beverly Hillz, Welfare Queens.”

La Fountain, a scholar, writer, and performer, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and now teaching at the University of Michigan, focused on the issue of being a drag queen and the effects it could have on other social issues such as race, class, sexuality and gender. His visit to UWT was made possible through efforts of American Studies and AMC assistant professor Ed Chamberlain.

Much of La Fountain’s presentation focused on Holly Woodlawn in Andy Warhol’s film “Trash,” Monica Beverly Hillz commonly known from the reality television show RuPaul’s “Drag Race,” and Erika Lopez’s, “The Welfare Queen.”

Pulitzer Prize Winner Speaks at UWT

In April, Pulitzer Prize winner for feature writing and author of Enrique’s Journey, Sonia Nazario, spent a day at UWT, interacting with students and faculty and giving a lecture, all as part of the acclaimed UW Walker-Ames Lecture Series.

Enrique’s Journey is the story of one Honduran boy looking for his mother, after she left her starving family to find work in the United States.

“Braving unimaginable peril, often clinging to the sides and tops of freight trains, Enrique travels through hostile worlds full of thugs, bandits, and corrupt cops. But he pushes forward, relying on his wit, courage, hope, and the kindness of strangers,” according to enriquesjourney.com.

She echoed her discussion from her book of her three-month journey made on top of trains across South America to chronicle the story of Enrique, and how her experiences changed her view of unaccompanied, undocumented child migrants.