Clarke Dillman’s Book Explores Women in Media

     Arts, Media and Culture lecturer Dr. Joanne Clarke Dillman has recently published a book exploring death, gender and the media that is sure to attract attention from both scholars and students alike.

     After teaching in the Middle East for six years, she returned to the U.S. to be shocked by her peers’ desensitization to the use of brutal images in their favorite movies and television series. Graphic violence and dead women took over the media, leaving the comedic female casted shows like “Sex and the City,” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” a fond memory, she said.

     “I come back and turn on the TV and it was like everything on Primetime had a dead woman or a dead body as the focus of the show,” said Clarke Dillman, who teaches film studies classes for Arts, Media, and Culture and Communication.